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There are many options for ground covering for your yard and garden areas – sod, mulch, plants, and rocks. Here at Odums’ Sod, we are discovering that customers are finding rock to be their top choice. Customers are choosing rocks because it is easy to maintain, doesn’t attract pests, holds up to everyday walking traffic, improves drainage, and customers have more options when selecting color, sizing, and texture.

57 Rock Characteristics:
Crushed stone used primarily in landscaping and construction projects.
Sizing is typically around ¾” inch.
Can be used for driveway gravel, rv pads, drainage, French drains, and walkways.
Can vary in color.
Pea Rock Characteristics:
Decorative Stone
Great for accenting landscaping
Can help with erosion control.
Helps with maintaining moisture.
Can vary in size and color.
Chattahoochee Stone Characteristics:
Color and size may vary.
Great for walkways and landscaping.
Chattahoochee Egg Rock Characteristics:
Size and color vary.
Size is typically 1” to 1 ½.”
Decorative Rock
Millings Characteristics:
Great for driveways
Recycled asphalt
Durable material that holds up against all-weather elements.
Road Base Characteristics:
Great for construction projects that include driveways, walkways, and roads.
Simple to maintain.
Size and Color may vary.
Boulders Characteristics:
BouldersGreat for rock gardens and waterfalls.
Curb appeal
Size and color may vary.